Monday, June 25, 2012


From Lauren Conrad to Ashlee Simpson Ombre hair is IN! and looks like its gonna be around for awhile!
Ombre: a french term meaning shaded.
Ombre hair is a gradient from a darker hair color to a lighter one it can be from black to blonde or brown to blonde or even black to brown whatever combination your hair fits which means it can work for all type of hair colors even the redheads out there!! its a fun way to try out a new look and if you don't like the way it comes out grab a Demi hair color and take it back to your normal! (wouldn't want to use a permanent hair color after your just bleached your hair) I also found out that basically if you trying to get your hair from dark to light you have to bleach it yes it damages the hair but just make sure you use some of those deep conditioning packet and your hair should be okay!

In my personal opinion the Best OMBRE!!!!! (Dark brown to blonde) 

Ashlee Simpson (black to a light brown)

Audrina Patridge                                                     Lauren Conrad 

                                           (BOTH: light brown to blonde)
For those Redheads!!!
A few tips if you wanna try this look by yourself at home check out this youtube video on how to do it!

And if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself take a couple of pictures of how you want it and take it to your hair salon!!

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