Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ryan Gosling Is My Kinda Man!

I don't know about you but I rate guys from a 1 to Ryan Gosling who over the past year or so came out with a movie called Crazy Stupid Love and your probably wondering what Ryan or the movie has anything to do with fashion well let me tell youuu! For the first time I envy a boy's style and if I had a boyfriend or husband I would definitely want him to dress like Ryan did in Crazy Stupid Love His outfits were amazing they were attractive on its own. If a boy was digustingly ugly and he was wearing the clothes that Ryan was I would probably date him and I know I know your not suppose to date a guy on his looks but were talking about fashion here people and in my book it kinda crushes that (sorry) anyways back to what I was saying he looked clean, fresh, and so damn fashionable! Like his outfits made him irrestiable and if you have seen Ryan before you know that his face alone makes him irrestiable anyways back to my main point this post is for my boys out there who need a little advice on fashion sense! Ryan Gosling is the way too goooo! so I'm kinda blabbed on in this post (again sorry) so if you guys are thinking this chick is crazy an outfit cant make a man look that good scroll down and let your jaw drop!

Example #1: He's matching but not overly matching if you can see the blue and white striped shirt under his blazer. I wouldn't call his look professional even though he is wearing a suit the colors gives off a playful yet hot vibe!

 Example #2 Okay so you can see in this movie Ryan is a man of color the ruby/burgandy suit looks terrific and very fashionable.

Getting off the matter of the movie lets go to Ryan's everyday life and see if he comes close to even dressing like he does in the movie.

Andddddd the answer to my previous question is absoutley Ryan has it all Ladies and Gents! He has the looks and the Style! And that makes him my kinda man!

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